Experience Traditional Medicine
Within an Authentic Tribal Community

Learn fascinating healing techniques and remedies of the Masai or Hehe tribe from a real-life Witch Doctor

On this immersive day-long experience, you’ll travel by 4×4, venturing two hours into the Tanzanian bush. Upon arrival, a warm welcome awaits you from a Masai or Hehe tribal community.

The morning will start with a talk from an authentic tribal healer, who will share insights into daily practices, medicinal remedies and beliefs, in the fireside clearing he uses to meet his patients. You will also have the opportunity to learn about the area’s indigenous plants and their healing properties with a walk through a local woodland.

Begin your afternoon by immersing yourself in the local way of life. Connecting with community members, families and even goat herders, you’ll get to know their daily routines and cherished traditions – expertly translated by your dedicated mentor, who will accompany you every step.

As you uncover why locals sometimes favour traditional healing techniques over modern methods, the deeply rooted social influence of tribal healers in the broader community becomes even more fascinating.

Key Highlights

Remote Village Location

Experience the untouched beauty of the landscape and understand the geographical context influencing traditional healing practices.

Authentic Traditional Healer

Take advantage of the opportunity to speak with an experienced Masai or Hehe tribal healer, delving into their remedies, beliefs and healing methods.

Fireside Setting

In an intimate fireside setting, you’ll experience a genuine connection to the villagers’ cultural heritage.

Medicinal Plant Exploration

Gain practical knowledge of the indigenous plants used in tribal medicinal practices.

Connect with Locals

Engage with local families, understand why they seek traditional healers and grasp the social fabric supporting these age-old healing practices.

The continuity provided by our mentoring Doctors between the community and hospital elements of the program is uniquely valuable

A Personalised Adventure for Your Learning Goals

Your Mentor, a Medical Doctor or Nurse, is an integral part of your tribal healing experience. They will help you to understand and interpret what you learn from both the healer and the community in the broader context of the Tanzanian healthcare system.

Fluent in Swahili and English, your Mentor also opens up your direct conversations in the village, allowing you to ask detailed questions and helping to facilitate your personal learning objectives.

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