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Our program for qualified Nurses and Doctors gives you valuable professional development experience while directly contributing two things hospitals in Africa most need: High quality clinical skills and funding to deliver essential health services.

Over two weeks you’ll support local clinicians in hospitals, travel to remote tribal communities to explore first-hand the work of traditional healers, and share the experience in premium accommodation at the Medical Service Learning Field Campus.

Your Professional Mentor

You’ll be teamed with a local health professional as your Mentor to support and guide you in the unfamiliar culture. Your Mentor works full-time with you throughout the program in order to prioritise your learning and development objectives, and provide continuity across the different settings you’ll experience.
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The Field Campus

Our purpose-built Field Campus is your base in Tanzania; a safe and comfortable setting among the trees and wildlife of the Central Highlands. The hilltop learning area is a quiet space for briefings and reflections with your Mentor, and doubles as a spectacular open air yoga studio. The Campus also encloses your accommodation and our restaurant, bar and sun terrace to relax and recharge with friends at the end of each day.

Traditional Medicine Experience

Many Tanzanians living in rural villages still turn to a traditional healer – the local medicine man – with their health concerns. You’ll travel by 4×4 with your Mentor to a remote village of either the Masai or Hehe tribe to spend a day with the community and speak (through a translator) to an experienced healer about his work.
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Premium Accommodation

Combining professional development with a well-earned holiday is a great way to make best use of your limited time off work. Our brand new accommodation exclusively for participants in the program gives your experience a real premium feel and definitely assures you of a good night’s sleep.

Genuine Local Benefit

The skills you can offer are valuable and will be greatly appreciated – but we know you have limited time to serve here. By focussing on our long-term partnerships with hospitals and communities, we also ensure that the financial contribution of your program fee provides more strategic and long-term benefits.


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