Dive into Clinical Practice:
Hospital Placements for Students & Professionals

Clinical experience matched to your skills & learning objectives

If you’re a student, you’ll observe and shadow healthcare professionals under the supervision of your dedicated Mentor. This intensive placement allows you to gain firsthand experience and insights into medicine and clinical care in an unfamiliar environment, while upholding the highest standards of safety and professional ethics.

If you’re a qualified health professional, our program offers a more hands-on approach, allowing for physical interaction and involvement as deemed appropriate by your Mentor. They will work with you to facilitate opportunities for deeper engagement with patients and medical procedures, accommodating your expertise and CPD objectives.

Your six-day hospital placement provides the clinical foundation to your exploration of Tanzanian healthcare services, in both local and global contexts. You’ll be based in a busy Regional or District Hospital (see below for available settings), with the option to also spend time in a Community Health Centre.

Full PPE appropriate to specific settings is provided within your program fee, and you’ll be allowed as close to the action as it’s safely possible to be.

Typical Settings & Cases in Our Tanzanian Hospitals

Accident & Emergency Department

Experience the fast-paced nature of an emergency room and encounter a broad spectrum of trauma cases from road traffic accidents to crocodile and even hippo bites that occur in local fishing communities.

Maternity & OBGYN

Witness childbirth with your mentor ensuring proper consent is provided (both by natural delivery and Caesarean sections, which account for around 30% of local deliveries in hospitals). Learn about the local approaches to antenatal and postnatal care services, labour management, postpartum care and breastfeeding support.


Directly observe a range of surgical procedures in the operating room with your mentor carefully managing your proximity to the sterile field and providing live explanations of the surgeons’ work. You’ll also have the chance to learn about the pre- and post-operative systems and care services.

Tropical Medicine & Infectious Diseases

Malaria and Dengue Fever have fortunately both been reduced over recent years in Tanzania’s central highlands, but cases are still present especially with people travelling between here and warmer coastal areas. Other infectious diseases commonly treated here include HIV, viral flu and to a lesser extent, hepatitis.


The children’s units in our partner hospitals handle a wide range of cases from burns caused by accidents while cooking on open fires to malnutrition, infectious diseases and conditions related to HIV.

Physical Therapy

Physio departments in this area of Africa are especially important in supporting post-operative recovery of both adult and child patients, partly as they are able to provide valuable services with very limited technical and pharmaceutical resources.

Students helping on hospital placement

How Your Involvement Helps

Your program fee directly supports the improvement of quality healthcare in Tanzania by funding essential aspects such as facility enhancements, personnel development, and the salaries of healthcare employees. This investment makes a tangible difference in the lives of patients and healthcare providers, ensuring better access to quality healthcare for all.

As well as your Mentor, the clinicians you shadow in the hospitals also receive a share of your program fee. This is especially valuable in helping to prevent the natural “brain drain” of good health professionals being attracted away from public hospitals in Africa by better pay elsewhere.

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